San Diego Podcast Recording Service







How it Works...

  • Step 1: Contact us and book a 1 hour recording session

Get in touch and we’ll discuss the technicals of your podcast. This can be done via phone call, text message or e-mail. Once we agree upon the best way to record your show, we will book your appointment on the calendar. Booking early in the week is critical, as spots send to fill up quickly.

  • Step 2: We come to your home or office and record your podcast

It’s showtime. We’ll bring our minimally invasive (seriously this thing is tiny) mobile recording unit and record your podcast! Capable of recording 4 microphone inputs and 1 additional line out (for auxiliary sound or a co-host out of state) we’ll be up and running in no time. Setup takes less than 10 minutes, so we’ll never linger around your office for longer than we need to.

  • Step 3: You instantly receive your raw audio files

If you already have an editor/producer for your podcast, and just need recording, you will receive your files instantly. As soon as your recording session is over we will transfer your files directly to you via FTP, cloud storage or we can throw them on a SD card for you. If you’ve contracted us to edit and produce your show, we will take your audio back to the lab and work our magic.


1 Hour Live Recording Session


South of Interstate 8

  • Live audio recording
  • Up to 4 microphones
  • Instant delivery
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1 Hour Live Recording Session


North of Interstate 8

  • Live audio recording
  • Up to 4 microphones
  • Instant delivery
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Recording with Post-Production


Live recording + full editing and production

  • Live audio recording
  • Full edits & production
  • Upload to RSS feed
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Consciously Creating the Whole You Podcast (Interview style)

Kibble Podcast (True crime narrative style) *explicit language


What’s the maximum length per episode? Minimum length?

A single episode covers 60 minutes of finished audio. Show 5 minutes over? No worries. We’ll work with you.

Our minimum order requirement is 60 minutes, so if your audio is shorter than an hour, you will be invoiced for 60 minutes.

What’s the difference between a “personal producer” and a “basic edit”?

Our supreme or “personal producer” option includes a personal review of every second of your audio. Your producer will go in and remove anything he thinks distracts from your final product. Pauses. Breaths. Coughs. Everything. After that, he will EQ your entire show to radio broadcast quality standards and upload your file to your host if requested. Essentially all you have to do is hit record, send it to us and let us take care of the rest.

Our basic package only covers the items (up to 20 total) you tell us to edit. For instance, a show intro, outro and removal of a cough would count as 3 of your 20 edits. This option does include a basic eq, but does not come with the producer edits mentioned above.

Can you do voice-over for a commercial or a show intro?

Of course! Unlike other services, we will record a 30 second intro or advertisement at your request free of charge. Just mention it in the comment box when you checkout and we will reach out for details about your spot. All spots are recorded using a “youthful male” voice profile.

Do you offer multi-episode discounts?

We do! Order 4 episodes or more to receive a 15% discount on your services. Please email before purchase for your coupon code.

If i’m unhappy, can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Just let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase. All we ask is you let us know how we can improve in the future to earn your business again.

Can you help me setup my hosting? Syndication?

Sure! We recommend that everybody books a free 10 minute consultation call before their purchase so we can find the best solution for them. Sometimes, that includes us setting up your hosting – sometimes you can do it yourself. It really depends on you.

Are you a subscription service? Will I be billed every month no matter what?

NO! We think subscriptions are gross. We don’t even do the “product token” thing that some guys like to do. We will never, ever bill you for additional services after the fact. Our prices are set in stone and what you see is what you get. No surprises.

I have a question that I don’t see covered. Who can I reach out to?

Just email and he’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also reach us via live chat during business hours. Prefer a phone call? No problem. The number is on our contact page.


What does the recording process look like?

We’ll set a time that works for you and we’ll come out. We record using a Zoom H6 with XLR microphones that require a minimal footprint. Once set up, we’ll do a couple quick sound checks and you’ll be off an running. Our producer will be actively monitoring the entirety of your recording for quality assurance, fixing your levels in real time and dealing with any technical issues that may arise. Once finished, we will deliver your audio to your requested platform within minutes.

How do you handle online guests and remote co-hosts?

We use a software called Zencastr that allows the co-host to store a local recording of their audio. This allows us to grab source audio before it passes through the internet and degrades. In most instances, the artifacts and glaring delays in co-host audio are due to latency associated with transporting the audio. Zencastr allows us to get audio so clean it sounds like you’re in the same room.

Can I get recording without production services? How about production without recording?

Definitely. We pride ourselves on being a full service podcast agency. If you already have a producer and editor on board, no problem! We’d love to collaborate with them and help them get the highest quality source audio possible. Additionally, if you have your own recording setup but need production services alone, we would be happy to help! We understand everybody has different needs and are at different stages of their podcasting journey. We’re here to help no matter where you’re at.

Can I play audio during my recording? Sound clips? Music? Things like that…

You can, however, there are a few caveats. If you’re planning to release your recording publicly you need to consider licensing rights for your content. Things like movie clips, popular music and more require a licensing agreement. There are a number of royalty free music sites that can make this easy for you. Just be sure to credit the artist in your notes or links. We will never take editorial control of your recording, and will not prohibit you from recording anything. We will make you aware of any issues you may run into before we record your audio – but it is ultimately up to you.

Do I get a discount for bundling both recording and production?

You do! Typically, full production service runs $99 per show by itself. If bundled with podcast recording in south San Diego (normally $50), you’ll only pay $125 – A $24 dollar savings per episode. Further discounts can be combined if booking 4 or more shows.

Does my 1 hour of recording time include setup?

Nope! Your 1 hour is strictly for recording your podcast. We start our 60 minute timer as soon as you’re comfortable recording, not when we get there for setup. Please keep in mind we do not charge for portions of a 60 minute session. If you record 15 minutes, or 57 minutes….you’ll be charged the same 1 hour rate.

How do I book a session?

Easy! If you’re looking for production services, simply visit our services page and place your order. We accept PayPal and credit cards via Stripe and do not store (or see) your credit card details. If you’re located in San Diego and looking to book a live recording session just drop us an email or text us at (619) 387-9493. You can call us too, but we may be recording an unable to answer so just leave us a voicemail. For live recording session we also accept cash, btc, credit card via Venmo and ACH via Zelle.