Personal Producer Full Service Edits & EQ


  • Full EQ
  • Full Start-to-Finish Speech Edits
  • Add Intro, Outro, Ads & Any Requested Imaging
  • Upload to Host
  • 48 Hour Turnaround



Your own personal “podcast guy”. Simply checkout using the button above to receive access to a private Dropbox folder where you can upload your raw audio file and any additional show elements (like your intro music or voiceover guys intro). Then, just sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. We will start by adding all the production elements that give you that big league sound. Intro, outro, commercials and introductions. Don’t have the files for the intro? No worries! We’ll send you some royalty free music you can use. Need a voice for your intro or commercial? We do that as well!

In addition to all the imaging elements above, we will comb through every last second of your show with a critical ear, removing all coughs, stutters, awkward silences and cat meows. UPS guy come in the middle of the show? No problem. We’ll cut it out and nobody will be the wiser.

EQ? Well, of course. Glad you asked. Your podcast will receive the very same EQ process as Marconi award winning terrestrial radio shows. Each piece of audio is different, as is each recording environment. We will carefully EQ your entire show to your needs. Sit too far from the mic? We got it. Too close? We can handle that too. Ever wonder why your favorite DJ sounds so cool on the radio? It’s all in the EQ.

Within 48 hours you will receive a fully optimized and edited mp3 delivered direct to your inbox, ready to be uploaded to your host. Unless otherwise requested all files will be a small mp3, optimized for streaming on itunes and other popular platforms. Prefer a wav? No prob. Just let us know.

As an added bonus for our Personal Producer clients, we can upload your edited file directly to your host, giving you the ability to just record the show and forget about the rest.

Just getting started and need to set up your host and all the other odds and ends? Check out our Podcast Launch Service. We will set up your host for you, create your itunes optimized cover art, syndicate to popular platforms. Plus, you get 2 Personal Producer sessions included!


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