Cuts & Fades (Timestamp Edits Only)


We Cut What You Tell Us. Not Unlike Your Local Butcher.


A great choice for people that can record their own show, but don’t know where to start with editing and EQ. Simply checkout using the button above to receive access to a private Dropbox folder where you can upload your raw audio file and any additional show elements (like your intro music or voiceover guys intro). You’ll also provide us a list of requested edits (up to 20 for a 60 minute show) and we will process them within 48 hours. Your finished show will be delivered as a a nice, clean wav or mp3 – ready to be uploaded to your host.

Not sure what an edit request sheet looks like? Here’s an example!

    • add intro song (attached mp3)


    • add announcer voice over intro (attached mp3)


    • :28 seconds – stutter on word “partying”


    • 2:12 – re-start sentence. misspoke.


    • 4:12-4:44 – dropped microphone – cut out


    • 12:11-14:54 – dog barking – cut out


    • 15:22 – gap between question and answer


    • 17:43 – add sponsor advertisement. mp3 attached


    add outro song (attached mp3)

In addition to your requested edits, we will also fully EQ your entire show to professional broadcast standards. EQ process includes reducing background artifacts, echos and ambient room noise. We also compress, amplify and do other little industry tricks depending on the quality of the source file.

Looking for a more hands on, full scope production experience? We suggest checking out our Personal Producer Editing Service for deluxe edits of your ENTIRE file, not just your requested points.


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