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Just send us your recording and we'll do the rest. Editing, intro, outro, commercials, vocal processing, hosting, iTunes syndication...the whole package. Need help recording? No problem. New customers always receive a free consultation so you can simply push the record button and hit the ground running.

Start a Podcast

New Show Launch Package

$499 / One Time

Includes 2 Fully Produced Episodes

  • A great choice for corporations and businesses. It starts with a free consultation and ends with you being able to simply hit record. That's when we take over and handle the not-so-fun parts. Graphics, show notes, host setup, itunes syndication and of course full depth audio edits. This is a great choice for those who want to start a podcast ASAP. Within 5 business days your show will be ready to go. Just send us the audio and we'll take care of the rest.
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Full Depth Editing & EQ

Full-Field Editing & Processing

$150 / Episode

Your Own Personal "Podcast Guy"

  • This is a great choice for those looking to take their podcast to the next level, without the extra work. We will help you optimize your recording process, load to your host and syndicate to itunes. In addition to the hands free show uploads, we will review every last second of your show for imperfections and artifacts. Dog bark at 16 minutes? We'll catch it. Stutter during your intro? We'll fix that too. We can even voice and record a 30 second ad for you if you have new sponsors!
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Basic Edit & EQ

Cuts & Fades Only

$75 / Episode

Timestamp based edits and basic EQ

  • Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself type that doesn't want to learn (or purchase) full audio editing software. You will record your show, send it to us with notes and we will edit out whatever you mention. Need to add the intro song, commercial, an outro, and remove a mis-step at 24 minutes? No problem. We do whatever you tell us. And, in addition to your requested edits, we will also EQ your entire show to remove any background noise, pops, or cracks.
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Examples of our Work

The Consciously Creating Podcast (Interview/guest based)

Kibble – A True Crime Narrative Podcast (Explicit Language)

Our Guarantee to You

Don't like anything at all about our podcasting services? Let Us Know Within 30 Days for a 100% Refund. No Questions Asked....OK...We Might Ask Why....But That's All!

About Us

Zeth Ian is the Owner & Operator of Podzenith Production Services. He started in the radio broadcast industry as a show producer in 2006 for iHeart Media and never looked back. He’s been the Producer for Ryan Seacrest, Kirk Morrison, Marc Coppola and numerous other industry heavyweights. With 13+ years of audio production experience, your show will be in the best possible hands (and ears).

In addition to Zeth’s qualifications, all Podzenith Producers & Editors are radio broadcast professionals with years of experience in the audio industry. We guarantee to you that your show will never be touched by anybody with less than 5 years broadcast experience. No rookies here. We look forward to working with you and helping you take your show to the next level.


Need a Website for Your Podcast?

We Do That Too!
Want to be able to share your show on social media with added show notes and an opt-in to your e-mail list? Then you need a website! We can create a turnkey WordPress site for your show so you can start your marketing world domination plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the maximum length per episode? Minimum length?

A single episode covers 60 minutes of finished audio. Show 5 minutes over? No worries. We’ll work with you.

Our minimum order requirement is 60 minutes, so if your audio is shorter than an hour, you will be invoiced for 60 minutes.

What’s the difference between a “supreme edit” and a “basic edit”?

Our supreme or “personal producer” option includes a personal review of every second of your audio. Your producer will go in and remove anything he thinks distracts from your final product. Pauses. Breaths. Coughs. Everything. After that, he will EQ your entire show to radio broadcast quality standards and upload your file to your host if requested. Essentially all you have to do is hit record, send it to us and let us take care of the rest.

Our basic package only covers the items (up to 20 total) you tell us to edit. For instance, a show intro, outro and removal of a cough would count as 3 of your 20 edits. This option does include a basic eq, but does not come with the producer edits mentioned above.

Can you do voice-over for a commercial or a show intro?

Of course! Unlike other services, we will record a 30 second intro or advertisement at your request free of charge. Just mention it in the comment box when you checkout and we will reach out for details about your spot. All spots are recorded using a “youthful male” voice profile.

Do you offer multi-episode discounts?

We do! Order 4 episodes or more to receive a 15% discount on your services. Please email before purchase for your coupon code.

If i’m unhappy, can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Just let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase. All we ask is you let us know how we can improve in the future to earn your business again.

Can you help me setup my hosting? Syndication?

Sure! We recommend that everybody books a free 10 minute consultation call before their purchase so we can find the best solution for them. Sometimes, that includes us setting up your hosting – sometimes you can do it yourself. It really depends on you.

Are you a subscription service? Will I be billed every month no matter what?

NO! We think subscriptions are gross. We don’t even do the “production token” thing that some guys like to do. We will never, ever bill you for additional services after the fact. Our prices are set in stone and what you see is what you get. No surprises.

I have a question that I don’t see covered. Who can I reach out to?

Just email and he’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also reach us via live chat during business hours. Prefer a phone call? No problem. The number is on our contact page.

Here's What Our Friends & Clients Have to Say.

I've worked with Zeth from Podzenith for a number of years now and have always been impressed by the quality of their audio production. I know that if I see Zeth's name as the producer of a show or event, it's going to be an easy day for us. I would recommend their production services to anybody looking to get that major league sound.
Tony Gwynn, Jr.
Tony Gwynn, Jr.
Host - Gwynn & Chris Show - 97.3 FM San Diego
Zeth and his team have been a pleasure to work with throughout the launch and growth of my podcast. When we started booking regular guests, they helped us work around a number of common issues that we ran into. Due to my hectic travel schedule, I can't always be at home to record and the Podzenith team makes it sound seamless every time.
Hayley Hobson
Hayley Hobson
Host - Consciously Creating the Whole You Podcast
If I know that i'm working with Zeth, I know it's going to sound great. I've worked with him on multiple projects throughout the years and have never once had a hiccup with a single piece of audio he's produced. I have personally seen him take apiece of borderline unusable audio and craft it into a broadcast quality piece. Hire him now because if you don't, we will.
Jim Russell
Jim Russell
Assoc. Executive Producer - Padres Radio

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